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Guru Arjan Dev Ji was the first Sikh martyr.The Mogul Emperor Jehangir,was a tyrant who became jealous of the Guru Sahib’s fame. Jehangir could not bear it when even devout Muslims praised the Guru’s saintliness.Eventually, he found an excuse to bring Guru Arjan Dev Ji to his court. There he tried to convert him to Islam and get him to change the Adi- Granth (Guru Granth Sahib Ji) under the threat of death.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji calmly declined both the commands. For this Guru Sahib was tortured and martyred. The torture lasted for five days. First the Emperor’s men sat the Guru Ji in a tank of boiling water, the next day they sat Guru Sahib on a plate of red hot iron, the following day, they poured red hot sand over Guru Sahib’s painfully blistered body. However, Guru Arjan Dev Ji remained calm and peaceful throughout his ordeal to show that all people should happily accept the will of Akal Purakh (God).

Guru Arjan Dev Ji was martyred in 1606 but before his final departure, Guru Sahib sent a message that his son Hargobind Ji was to become the sixth Guru. Guru Sahib instructed that his martyrdom would show that all peaceful means to persuade the Emperor against tyranny having failed, it was now right and just to resort to the sword to protect the weak and innocent.

Thus Guru Arjan Dev Ji sacrificed his life to uphold the principle of Social, Economic, Political, and Religious Freedom for all and doing Sewa, being merciful, helping the needy. We pay our homage to Guru Ji

One of the great things about Guru Ji is that he did not just preach religion; he also showed us by example. Many people speak about religion and spirituality, but when they would come to hard times they don’t practice what they preach. However Guru Arjan Dev Ji practiced everything he preached.

He taught us how to love death. He taught us how to nurse a yearning passion for martyrdom. He taught the wonderful path of divine intoxication in the process of intense human agony, suffering and death. He set the finest example of how to attain the supreme bliss and ecstasy in the process of most brutal and horrible death in perfect tune with the sweet Will of God.

“Guru Arjan Dev Ji never uttered a sigh or a groan and never showed any sign of ill-will towards those who inflicted injuries and sufferings on him”.


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