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Forced Marriage

What is forced marriage?

A marrigae must be entered into with the full and free consent of both people. Everyone involved should feel that they have a choice.

An arranged marriage is not the same as a forced marriage. In an arranged marriage, the families take a leading role in choosing the marriage partner. The marriage is entered into freely by both people. However in some cases, one or both people are ‘forced’ into marriage that their families want. A forced marriage is a marriage conducted without the valid consent of both people, where pressure or abuse is used.

You might be put under both physical pressure (when someone threatens to or actually does hurt you) or emotional pressure (for example, when someone makes you feel like you’re bringing shame on your family to get married. In some cases people may be taken abroad without knowing that they are to be married. When they arrive in the country their passports may be taken by their family to try and stop them from returning home.

Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights, and a form of domestic violence and child abuse.

If you or someone you know is being forced into a marriage, help and advice is available.

Call (+44)(0)2070080151

between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

Emergency Duty Officer (out of office hours) (+44)(0)2070081500

or email:

or write to Forced marriage Unit, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Old Admiralty Building, London SW1A 2PA

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